Get on a crane!

With the new NiKRASA system it is now possible to make non-craneable semitrailers craneable. It’s easy, fast and safe. And there is no need to make any modifications to the equipment such as wagons or semitrailers. Moreover, the existing transshipment equipment at the terminals can be used with no additional investment. Thus, customers are now provided with an additional option in combined transportation to shift more goods from road to rail. A benefit for shippers, transport companies and our environment, and an exciting innovation that fascinates the transport industry.

NiKRASA at a glance:

  • No changes to existing standard
  • Up to 4 tons more payload versus road only transport
  • Minimal impact on the length and weight of the train
  • No additional investments for CT terminals
  • NiKRASA is environmentally friendly

NiKRASA is already being deployed successfully on the following routes:

  • Padborg – Verona
  • Herne – Verona
  • Lübeck -  Verona
  • Herne - Lübeck

And shortly, NiKRASA will also be available on the following transport links:

  • Rostock – Verona
  • Falköping – Verona