The innovative NiKRASA system offers the opportunity to easily transfer non-craneable semitrailers from road to rail using the existing standards. And there is no need to neither make any modifications to the wagons nor to the semitrailers or business processes. The existing transshipment equipment at the combined transport terminals can be used with no additional investment and thus, can be utilized even better.

The practical product NiKRASA was developed together with the market for the market. Now, there is an additional opportunity for customers to use combined transport services with the existing standard means of transport – non-craneable semitrailers – and to shift more freight from road to rail. A benefit for shippers, transport companies and our environment. NiKRASA is already successfully being deployed at the intermodal terminals Herne, Padborg, Verona, Bettembourg and Trieste, among others.

How it works:


With NiKRASA you can move your vehicle fleet to the railway in a flexible way and with almost no restrictions.

Use one of our existing connections or enquire about the dates for the new NiKRASA routes.


Are you using transport corridors for which TX does not yet offer any services? No problem, please talk to us, since we combine the transport volumes of many customers and, thanks to NiKRASA, are able to jointly establish new connections. Because we will go where you want to go!

Do you have any questions about our service portfolio? Please feel free to contact us any time.

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